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Board of Directors

Amy Bauman
Board Chair
Deb Pierce


Nichol Bremer
Steve Bush
Laura Ferrara
Taylor Miller
Chris Rogers
Kathy Schley

Opioid Coalition


A community free of opioid addiction, one person at a time


To prevent and reduce opioid addiction across Calhoun County through education, evidence-based practices and reformed public policies

Harm Reduction Subgroup

  • Naloxone
  • Medicated Assisted Therapy (MAT)/Treatment
  • Syringe Services Program

Prevention/Education Subgroup

  • Media campaigns
  • Stigma reduction

Supply & Control Subgroup

  • Law enforcement

Treatment Subgroup

  • Access to care
  • MAT in jail

Recovery Oriented Systems of Care

Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC): Creating recovery-oriented systems of care requires a transformation of the entire service system as it shifts to becoming responsive to meet the needs of individuals and families seeking services. To be effective, recovery-oriented systems must infuse the language, culture, and spirit of recovery throughout their systems of care.

Recovery from substance dependence is an ongoing process of change through community support and a voluntarily maintained lifestyle characterized by sobriety, personal health and productive community involvement.

Goal 1

Increase understanding of a system that promotes recovery, advocacy and resilience.

Goal 2

Identify and implement a shared vision for ROSC in Calhoun County.

Goal 3

Enhance the ability of prevention service systems to support and promote health, wellness and resilience of individuals in recovery, their families and their communities in Calhoun County.

Goal 4

Promote health equity in Behavioral Health service systems.

Goal 5

Enhance the ability of people with physical and BH conditions in Calhoun County to initiate their recovery.

Goal 6

Enhance the ability of people with BH conditions in Calhoun County to sustain their recovery.

Goal 7

Ensure and advocate that residents in need of SUD treatment in Calhoun County receive effective services and supports, regardless of the systems they enter.

Goal 8

Mobilize the recovery community to increase the community’s understanding of the effectiveness of recovery in Calhoun County.

Goal 9

Ensure that service integration initiatives and efforts are sustained and become embedded in systems of BH care in Calhoun County.

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