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Alcohol & Drug Education Class

Welcome to Prime For Life®, an evidence-based motivational prevention, intervention and pretreatment program specifically designed for people who may be making high-risk choices. At Substance Abuse Council, we offer this special court referred alcohol and drug education class as both an in-person and through a virtual class option so individuals in need or required to can attend anywhere in the nation (all class are conducted in EST time zone). Classes are judgement free zones and instructors don’t use fear-based approaches, but instead encourage profound self-reflection.

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Rethink the Risk

Reducing the risk of drug and alcohol use is possible when you learn prevention and intervention techniques during your Prime for Life class. Our class specifically benefits impaired driving offenders, young people charged with alcohol and/or drug-related offenses, and those that may be court referred for drunk driving. Because Prime For Life® includes both prevention and intervention content, it is appropriate for general, young adult and adult audiences. The program has been proven to reduce relapse rates in people with a DUI, is evidence based, and has also helped thousands of people throughout the country with education and professional development.

How To Sign-Up for Prime For Life

Both In-Person and Virtual Class Options!

Signing up is easy! We offer 2 ways to sign-up for classes throughout the year:


  1. Sign-up online with the below Online Registration Form and pay right online.
  2. Download the Prime for Life Flyer below and complete the paper registration form on the flyer and mail-in both your payment and registration form to our main office.

Whether you choose to register for your class through snail mail or through our online form below, it is important to know that registration is required to attend the class. Multiple class dates are available each month, year round, and always listed on the below Online Registration Form. Your registration and payment must be confirmed 10 business days before the start of your class date.

Class materials are only mailed to virtual participants BEFORE the class. Anyone attending in-person will receive their materials in-person at the start of the class. You MUST cancel within 24 hours. No shows will forfeit payment and be required to re-register and re-pay. You are expected to have internet and/or Wifi coverage for those attending virtually. Virtual participants are required to be able to have enough converage to be able to answer questions and participate in class in order for their class to count.

Questions? Call Danyelle Maitland at 269-326-4040

Online Registration

Available Class Dates Listed Below. Check Back Often As New Classes are Added Each Month!



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