Prime For Life Pre-Test

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Please respond to all questions.

    Anyone can develop alcoholism or addiction if he or she:

    B – Always makes low-risk choices." "C – Hangs out with heavy drinkers or drug users."]

    If I do not have family members with alcoholism or addiction:
    I cannot develop alcoholism or addiction.I can drink as much as I want with no problems.I can develop alcoholism or addiction if I make enough high-risk choices to pass my trigger point.

    To avoid all future alcohol and drug problems:
    I can choose to not get impaired very often.I can choose to always make low-risk choices.I can choose to never drink more than my friends.

    The choices I make:
    Set my trigger point.Determine if I develop alcoholism or addiction.Are out of my control.

    Impairment problems:
    Develop over a long period of time.Can occur in just one time of high-risk drinking or drug use.Do not usually affect my ability to think.

    High tolerance:
    Protects me from problems and does not increase my risk.Is very common among people who do not drink very much.Is always a sign of increased risk.

    Drivers who use marijuana:
    Do not experience impairment.Often drive differently than alcohol impaired drivers, but still have impaired driving skills.Experience impairment but drive as safely as people who have not been using marijuana.

    Which of the following fits the 0-1-2-3 guidelines?
    4 drinks on any one day and none the rest of the week.3 drinks every day of the week.Maximum of 3 drinks in one day, but not more than 14 in one week.

    People in the Orange Phase:
    Usually do not have high tolerance.Probably have a significant increase in tolerance.Cannot return to the Green Phase.

    People in the Red Phase:
    Can return to low-risk drinking.Can enter recovery and restore health by abstaining from alcohol and drugs.Generally have a low tolerance.

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