Calhoun Free! Without Stigma

It’s time to free Calhoun County from opioid stigma. 

From blame. From discrimination. From language. From shame.

Opioid addiction is a worldwide problem that affects many different people, their families, and communities. Opioid use disorder is a constant, relapsing disease that affects the body and brain. It can cause difficulties with tasks at work, school, or home, and can affect someone’s ability to maintain healthy relationships. It can even lead to overdose and death.

Opioid use disorder is a chronic disease, like diabetes or heart disease, meaning there is no cure. But addiction can be managed, and people with opioid use disorder can, and do, recover. Research shows that health-related stigma is one of the top reasons individuals suffering from opioid use disorder don’t reach out for help. Stigma impacts on how health care is sought, accessed, and delivered. 


Take Action

Stop opioid stigma. Support recovery.

Opioid use disorder is not a weakness nor a choice, it’s a medical condition. It’s time to free Calhoun County from opioid stigma. When people are free from blame, discrimination, language, and shame, they will be encouraged to seek medical help and support. Live without opioid stigma, heal Calhoun County.

You can take action in helping to end opioid stigma in Calhoun County by supporting our Calhoun Free! Without Stigma campaign. By utilizing our toolkit (to the right) you can help support our anti-stigma campaign through cross promotion on social media, include tips on using stigma-free language, and help individuals learn about their treatment and recovery options. Through your help and support, we can enhance our capacity to engage in effective opioid stigma reduction efforts. 


Calhoun Free Without Stigma

Opioid Anti-Stigma Toolkit

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It’s Time to Free Calhoun County From Opioid Stigma

Provide Help. Hope, Support

“I never knew I was misusing until I tried to stop.”

No More Shame. No More Blame

“Opioid stigma held me back from seeking help.”

Prevention Resources and Flyers
Change The Conversation (PDF)
*Learn about preferred language vs. stigmatizing language. 


Take Action (PDF)
*Learn about Calhoun County’s current opioid use numbers, overdose deaths, and how you can change lives for the better.


Treatment and Recovery Options (PDF)
*What you need to know about treatment and recovery options.


Narcan Flyer (PDF)

*Give someone a second chance to stay alive, get help, and recover.


This toolkit is intended solely to inform and educate about opioid use disorder and the negative affects of stigma. This toolkit shall not be used for medical advice and is not a substitute for the advice or treatment of a qualified medical professional.

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