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Harm Reduction for Teens

Teen Intervene is a FREE early intervention program tailored to youth with mild to moderate alcohol, vaping, nicotine or marijuana use. The program is delivered on-site within Calhoun County school districts. 

Youth meet individually or in a small group setting with a Substance Abuse Council Prevention Specialist to discuss coping skills, goal setting, and behavior changes to reduce or eliminate substance use. The program is a 1-day, small group, classroom setting or an individualized session. Referrals to other programs may be made at the conclusion of the program if further support is needed.

Harm Reduction

An Interactive Classroom

The class kicks off by introducing the Teen Intervene program, focusing on educating about vaping, nicotine, and marijuana. We’ll dive into these topics together in a fun and interactive way: What are these things? What’s inside them? And how do they affect us when we use them?

Then, we’ll chat about personal experiences. This discussion will help us figure out the good and not-so-good parts of using these substances, as well as why youth might choose to use them. Don’t worry, we’re not here to tell an individual what to do. We just want to talk openly and honestly while giving youth all the info they need to make smart choices.

This program is all about getting youth thinking and helping them make personal changes. We’ll engage in discussions about coping with peer influence, decision-making, setting objectives, and seeking support from peers, family and friends.

Parents Are Prevention

Parents Are Prevention

Teen Intervene may involve parents to help teens make positive changes. It teaches parents ways to support their teens using research-based techniques. This includes building a good relationship with their teen, setting a healthy example regarding substance use, and showing a positive attitude.

Parent sessions last around 30-80 minutes and happen after the teen’s sessions. Parents play a big role in their child’s efforts, both positively or negatively. The parent part of the program aims to unite the family and the teen in achieving goals. Good communication is key, so we work on strategies to talk effectively. This opens up conversations about the teen’s triggers, needs for support, and how parents can help.


Miller Foundation

The academic year of 2022-2023 served as the inaugural phase of our program, made possible in part by a grant provided by the Miller Foundation.

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